Data-driven performance-based marketing agency
We launch online advertising based on analytics
We work with clients around the world and increase their profits by an average of 2.5 times
ABA Bank Cambodia
Growth up to 80% of applications per month
Kaspersky Lab
Growth of orders per month
in Southeast Asia up to 70%
Moscow Jewelry Factory
Increased ARPU for
3 times within 6 months
Hairsalon MONE
Increased the number of services with Kerastase products from 19 to 326 per month
Increased the share of calls to purchase
up to 78% in 2 months
Siebel Juweliers
ROMI growth up to 1105% in 4 months
Reduced the share of advertising expenses from 26% to 11% in 5 months
Increased the number of repeated bookings in the salon by 21% within 8 months
Reduced the part of advertising expenses from 36% to 15% in 3 months
Increased orders amount by 23% in 2 months
We work around the world
Andrey Smurygov
Founder COMPLEADER Group, Joycalls, co-founder & ex-CEO Ingate Development.

Created and launched popular Internet services: Rookee, Uniplace, Rooletka, Roostat, Babkee, Oh!MyMaster, Reenter, Releadgion, 4angels, Uptimus etc.

Strategist and IIDF expert. Over 15 years in digital.
Whom will we be useful for?
Anyone who cares of:
1. Business expansion
2. Increasing company profits
3. Growth of income from marketing activities
4. Increasing the number of new customers
5. Reducing the cost of the application
6. Increasing average revenue per user or customer
7. Increasing repeat purchases

Marketing directors
Business owners
Those who constantly face problems:
More than twice a year changes digital-agency
Doesn't understand how to increase the contractors' efficiency
Doesn't see results
Doesn't see a way out of current situation
Doesn't know the real costs of digital-advertising
Loses money
We do not offer typical solutions
We are convinced that effective marketing is based on statistics and real data, not on creativity and
imagination of managers.
We know everything about your customers
We collect data about visitors of web-site, divide them into the groups depending on the characteristics and behavior on the
web-site, create portraits of visitors and build consumer experience map with the product
We count money at every stage of preparing and maintaining advertising
We set the steps of the entire path of the client and find out the profitability of each. We help you to increase profits at every stage of consumer experience
We instantly react to a decline
in sales dynamics
Even on weekends we monitor the results of campaigns and check the profitability of the channels. We edit the ads quickly and disable ads which doesn't profit
We strengthen sales team
Changing scripts and maintaining throughout the sales funnel, changing approaches to work
We clearly explain how advertising works and what all metrics means
The whole team is on duty for clients reports: this is how we solve issues directly and quickly, in one call
instead of many days.
Tatiana Delikanova
Commercial Director COMPLEADER
An expert in customer acquisition through the Internet, creating marketing strategies, performance marketing. Hundreds of clients (Miuz, Kaspersky, Obi, ABBY, Jivosite, Philips, Metro Cash & Carry, Skolkovo, etc.)

11 years of internet marketing experience
What makes us different from other agencies

1. Cheap
2. Don't give access to advertising accounts
3. Hide mistakes and delaying with reports
4. Take part of the budget through the hidden commission
5. Up to 30 projects per manager
6. Lose your money


1. Expensive
2. We give access to advertising accounts
3. We talk about problems and their solutions
4. We show the commission and how much we spend on advertising
5. 1 team = 5 projects max
6. Bring the financial result and increase profits

    How much does it cost?
    We make key metrics work and help you to earn more

    It is important for us when our client
    Understands his goals
    Knows that for a quality result you need time
    Wants to grow the business
    Got any questions? We are happy to help!
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    A team of experienced professionals
    Each of us has over 5 years of experience in digital
    Andrey Brolin
    Kozlova Veronika
    Head of marketing
    Roman Nosov
    Tatiana Lipaeva
    Senior account manager
    Artem Bikov
    Chief technical officer
    Maria Zinina
    Head of business development
    +30 professionals in their field!
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